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The Prepared Mind

I always liked this Pasteur quote, and now there’s scientific proof he was correct.

More than a century ago, the great scientist Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors only the prepared mind.” By this, he meant that sudden flashes of insight don’t just happen, but are the product of preparation. According to Kounios, “We have begun to understand how the brain prepares for creative insight. This will hopefully lead to techniques for facilitating it.” Read more at ‘Aha!’ Favors the Prepared Mind

Tests… Success… and NCLB

NCLBCan anyone say it better than Stephen Colbert? “Mississippi is a shining example of how easy it is to succeed if you simply redefine success as below whatever you’re currently achieving.”

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Excellent Education for Everyone (E3)

Excellent Education for Everyone-E3


New Jersey based school choice and education advocacy group. A broad coalition of democrats, republicans, business, religious, ethnic, and community based groups fighting for educational opportunity for low-income students.
Empowering parents with school choice to improve public education, increase educational opportunities, and fulfill the promise of equality to the low-income and minority students who attend New Jersey’s urban schools, among the nation’s worst, and most expensive.
Supporting the Opportunity Scholarship Act (S1872 / A2810) and other life-changing education reforms.
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New Jersey Civil Servants Unite Against Christie

New Jersey Civil Servants Should Unite As One Against Christie


Why don’t all New Jersey teachers, police, firefighters, basically all civil servants (their unions/associations/et al) unite against Gov. Christie’s anti-civil service message? I feel the unions (especially the NJEA-I am a past active member) aren’t delivering, hell they aren’t even stepping up to the base! All those dues and no innovation. Taxation without representation. Imagine Trenton on Saturday, May 22, 2010, if the police and firefighters showed up with all those teachers. These times call for solidarity. Unite to send your message to Christie and your fellow citizens.

Help your family, friends, neighbors, even strangers, understand why we shouldn’t cut public service funds… Unite and send the message you are public servants of equal and utmost importance for everyday civilian life for the entire state. Municipal, county, and state workers, all civil servants, should work hard on the job… show your neighbors you care, and your job is worth saving, and push those around you to do the same. Advocate for other ways to cut costs that you see in your workplace everyday. We need start with cutting the waste and abuse that we see around us. All of us!

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We should be selectively cutting budgets where we see waste and abuse. This seems like common sense, yet it is not standard practice. Why not?
I welcome your commentary on the subject.

NJEA: The Cartel



To my fellow teachers:

The Union let you down. Christie’s anti-teacher rhetoric is misdirected. No one is making the distinction between the teachers and the NJEA. Does the NJEA really represent what all you teachers believe? I don’t think the NJEA gives one hoot about members as individuals. I didn’t see one “Vote YES” ad prior to yesterday’s vote. Another bang-up job by the NJEA.

NJEA is hindering forward progress in New Jersey public schools that is well past due. The NJEA has lost its way. New Jersey public school teachers need to stand up and tell the NJEA that the times have changed.

It’s time to end tenure as we know it now. It is INSANE to keep bad teachers on the job. For every tenured teacher who half-asses their day, there are younger, cheaper, more enthusiastic teachers waiting in the wings… it’s that simple. If you currently teach, do you agree with me? Do you think it should be so hard to fire shitty teachers? If you don’t perform like you did on day one (or better) in 98% of the other jobs on planet Earth, you are let go, fired, pink-slipped, terminated. What’s wrong with that? This leads to workers performing well the majority of the time, and even trying to perform better, or out-perform others. What’s wrong with that? I’d have loved to work at a school where everyone is at 100%, 98% of the time! Getting rid of older teachers who do nothing (whose supervisors know they do nothing, but said shitty supervisors give shitty inflated observations, instead of documenting the shitty truth) will save districts millions of dollars. Districts could get 2-3 new hires for the price of an old do-nothing. Not to mention the boost to the school building’s moral.

The following is complete bullshit from the NJEA:

Mission – The mission of the New Jersey Education Association is to advance and protect the rights, benefits, and interests of members, and promote a quality system of public education for all students.

Vision – The New Jersey Education Association is a diverse, democratic organization working to create an optimal environment to achieve excellence in public education in New Jersey.


Member Advocacy – To preserve and improve the economic interests, working conditions, job security, and pensions of all members.

Organizing – To strengthen the Association by maximizing membership, developing leadership, and supporting affiliates.

Enhancing Public Education – To promote and deliver quality professional development for educators. To advance and support policies that enhance and enrich public education.

Time for the New Jersey’s public school teachers to tell their NJEA where to stick it.
Teachers are taxpayers too!

NJ teachers are not only property taxpayers too, their union dues are automatically deducted, as well as TPAF contributions, whether they like it or not. Some union representation… sounds more like TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION to me. I know the NJEA didn’t represent me and my teaching!!